SRT Technology

Demco Unseizing Technology, the SRT

Canadian Valve Solutions Inc. has designed an innovative tool (patent pending). The SRT, (Stem Release Tool) is designed to unseize Demco valves while at the same time lubricating the valve. This technology can also be applied to all makes and models of valves in other applications to improve the operational function of the valve. This advanced technology places Canadian Valve at the forefront of the valve and wellhead maintenance industry.


Testimonial Quote From a Valued Customer

“I manage a swab program. We come across many seized 4” well head valves” Replacing these valves is costly as there are numerous safety and regulatory issues to adhere to.  The Canadian Valve team are able to safely repair these valves at a significantly lower cost while in line.  So there is no production loss, returning them to like new  operating status. They have regenerated a large number of  wells for us since the spring of 2014 with excellent results.

They were also able to repair an assortment of other deficient  field and facility valves from seized; to stiff turning; and others had small leaks.

The Canadian Valve staff were very professional in their work procedures while adhering to all our guidelines and safety regulations. “

– Swab Coordinator