Plant & Wellhead Greasing





 The Importance of Service and Maintenance

The oil and gas industry makes a substantial contribution to the Canadian economy every year.  In response to tighter budgets and fiscal restraint, the value of extending the life of equipment and protecting company assets increases. Reducing “down time” and preserving proper functioning and efficiencies are critical to achieving success and maintaining competitive advantage in this market.  Preventative maintenance allows wells and plants to have less “down time” to maximize their economic life cycles and helps identify potential environmental disasters while reducing costs. 


Testimonial Quote From a Valued Customer

“Canadian Valve Solutions has serviced several valves here at our terminal. This includes valves that had serious problems. After the valves were serviced they operated like new valves and no longer failed during operation. They have been in service for over a year now since this was completed”.

"We are very satisfied with the work performed by Canadian Valve Solutions and also his adherence to our safety standards while on site”.

-Operations Supervisor